Entry #1

Let me first thank anyone who is willing to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading the thoughts of a random guy at a random college.  I plan to cover a broad range of topics.  Anything from Video Games to current fads or trends to politics (which I’m not very educated in) or religion (which I’m a bit more informed of.) No topics are off limits and if anyone has a suggestion I would be more than happy to hear them out.  Now that the formalities are out of the way let’s get down to business.

I am a proud student of SMSU and I support most of their endeavors.  That being said, I am saddened at the recent closing of the SMSU confessions page.  While most of the posts there were thoughtless and stupid posts about pooping in microwaves, there were enough quality posts that I believe it should have continued to exist.  I have thought about picking up where the previous page left off and starting my own, where posts’ validity and value were considered and weighed, and stupid, mindless complaining was ignored and discarded, I have decided that the costs outweigh the benefits.  I have realized that it is not my duty to enable socially awkward people to confess their hidden desires to the world (or at least the SMSU campus) so that they may sleep better at night.  Now that I’ve covered the SMSU part, let’s move on to something that people actually care about.

There has been a renewed interest in gun control laws and school shootings.  Politicians have decided that the ease of which teens can gain access to M rated games involving gun violence and brutality has been a major cause contributing to the increase of school shootings. Let’s stop and think about this for a minute.  First off, the teens they are referring to are between the ages of 13 and 16, teens that are not legally able to purchase M rated games.  Next, teens that are 13 – 16 are not legally able to purchase ANY firearms, much less firearms that hold more than 12 rounds.  Hmm… so video games that are unobtainable for 13-16 year old’s are responsible for killings in which the perpetrator isn’t legally allowed to own the firearm that was used? Makes perfect sense to me.  Let’s ignore the immediate locus of control (parents) and attack the larger entity that can provide the most money.  After all, who would sue Mr. and Mrs. Smith when Smith and Wesson are just a few far-fetched claims away!

Now, on to a completely unrelated topic, one of my high school friends and a phenomenal athlete, has recently come under fire from the NCAA for using his status as a Gopher wrestler to further his music career.  They have decided that since he is using his status as a Gopher wrestler to further his music career that he is no longer eligible for competition and that his athletic scholarships are no longer valid.  He will receive a small portion of those scholarships for the remainder of this semester but if he refuses to take down his music from Youtube and separate himself from his productions he will lose all athletic eligibility and forfeit any scholarships he has been given. This is a ridiculous funneling of an individuals talent. Basically the NCAA is saying “We recognize your talent as a wrestler, therefore that is all we will allow you to explore. All the other talents and aspirations must be swept under the rug until we, the NCAA, can no longer lay claim to your name or your talents.”  If you wish to explore this individuals struggle more, his name is Joel Bauman. On Facebook his name is “Joel Whysguy Bauman.”  He has received a lot of media attention lately and his goals are to inspire and to impact.

Well for my first entry I think I’ve done pretty well. I started out with the idea of writing the most dryly sarcastic blog anyone has ever read but it evolved into something completely different.  I have covered confessions pages, gun laws and how they relate to video games, and an NCAA athlete.  I stated earlier that I would appreciate any comments or critiques that you may have and I stand by that statement.  I would like to thank everyone who made it this far and I look forward to tackling more topics for you in the future. Stay true to you.


One thought on “Entry #1”

  1. I don’t think the NCAA is being unreasonable, I think “Why’s Guy” is. If “Why’s Guy” really cared about his wrestling career, he would actually be wrestling instead of benched! I mean, seriously! If he had really applied himself to other than the workouts, 3 years into school, could be sitting on the first string, and actually wrestling more than 4 times a season. If he really cared about his wrestling career he would simply use a pseudo name for his music like he did in high school, under “Ghost-da-black” or even “Why’s Guy” or pick some other inspirational name, and not have to deal with the crap from the NCAA. Question: They gave him an out, so why wouldn’t he take it? It would be for 2 more years tops. Answer: He likes the attention! I guess if his goal was never wrestling and all about the music, then I guess this is a good publicity stunt. In my opinion, he’s not being smart.

    His music has potential, but growing up with the guy and going to school with him for 11 years, I don’t buy his act. He’s not the victim everyone thinks he is, or plays himself off to be. He’s just mounted up on his high horse, and need to be knocked off by the Lance of Humility. Joel Bauman has done great things, but never on his own. He gets the attention, and the people that got him to where he is, are left in the dust. I don’t think that his current actions show any respect to those people. Hundreds of people look up to him from all ages. But there’s more to the story than the recent cameras would lead us to believe.

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