The Full Moon Phenomena

It is a savage creature.  A mixture of man and beast, of conscience and instinct.  It possesses a tormented soul whose voice pierces the night, bouncing off the glowing cause of its horrific transformation.  Its outward facade instills nothing but terror in those it encounters while its inner mind is constantly horrified at the terrors and pain it inflicts.

It starts with the fingers.  Before they are ordinary, unnoticeable pieces of flesh and bone.  They are no different in construction than that of a child’s.  What they become is far more terrifying.  The nails turn to black claws bent on rending flesh from bone and soul from body.  Brown fur sprouts from the fingers and palms, erasing the soft alabaster color of humanity.  The muscles pulse and ripple, as they too become monstrous.  Their strength multiplies tenfold.

The transformation continues up its arms.  First the fur, then the muscled physique.  The arms become a mixture of crimson and black.  They turn to indestructible bands of steel-like strength.  One squeeze from these hideous appendages can splinter trees and grind rock to nothing but powder to be blown about by the wind.

Its toes and feet shift much like its hands and arms have.  The nails become blacker than the night sky.  But unlike the night, who has stars to light the way, the nails possess a blackness that light nothing but the way to death.  Its legs become nothing but black hair and spring like tendons.  With these superhumanly unnatural legs, the beast can leap rivers and navigate through the forest without ever leaving the treetops.

The torso is the next piece to succumb to this terrible curse.  The beast painfully rips at the flesh of his previous form.  Underneath the skin lies the majority of the monsters strength.  The skin beneath its fur has become a leathery and impenetrable guard against all but the sharpest blades.  The hair on its back standing on end to show a heightened state of awareness.  Most noticeable is the silver glint of the mane.  It runs across the shoulders, down the spine,  and ends at the small of its back; a sign of his elder status within the pack.

Finally, the face begins to turn.  His hair flows from the skull to partially mask the horrific event.  Through glimpses the transformation can be seen.  The nose extends to become a snout of spectacular capabilities.  Its lips spread to show yellow, dagger-like, teeth.  Its chin recesses to become part of its elongated neck.  The ears become pointed and hyper-sensitive.  They are able to hear a rustling mouse a mile away, or a baby softly breathing while it lies in its crib.  The eyes become bloodshot before losing all color.  They are no longer the eyes of a man, but of a demonic creature.  It is said that if they could be gazed upon one could see all their sins within the eyes of the beast.  It is also said that one may be gazing into the eyes of the ruler of the abyss, come to lay claim upon the soul.

The last thing to come is the stench.  The horrid smell of dead flesh.  It smells of sulfur and brimstone.  The creature emits a stench that is instantly repulsive but yet somehow alluring.  The scent forces the nostrils to flare and has made many men to retaste their dinner.

It howls at the moon.  Then it rears on its hind legs and leaps into the night, looking for sustenance and possible converts.  People who would sell their souls to the devil to go through this agonizing transformation until the day arrives where the moon no longer shines.


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