The Night

Venturing about at night can be a dangerous affair.  Long shadows become monsters creeping about.  Tree branches become hands knocking at the windows.  The most terrifying thing of all though, is within yourself.  Your imagination can be far worse than reality.  With your imagination, a simple mouse can become a hellish rat with red glowing eyes.  It can chase you through the house.  You think you have found safety in a closet, but you soon realize that you’ve been ensnared in cotton arms of terror.  You shriek, only to realize that your mouth has been drained of all moisture.  You escape the evil clutches of the cloth and exit the closet.  You look to your left.  There is an intruder in your house, staring at you.  You reach out your hand.  They do the same.  You see a bat lying on the floor and you pick it up.  Looking up you realize your opponent has found a similar weapon.  Your determination and resolve solidify.  This intruder will not be leaving your home alive.  You pull the bat back, ready to strike.  The person silently mimics you.  You lunge forward, striking at the intruder, only to be showered with glass.  When your imagination runs unchecked and the darkness creeps into your mind, you become your own worst enemy.


One thought on “The Night”

  1. This is my favorite one so far, and not only because it is very well written. It is my favorite because it is the truth. Most people don’t even realize the darkness growing within them, until it’s too late. We become our own worst enemy because we refuse to accept what isn’t a “norm.” Specifically in schools, if you don’t fit in, you do everything you can to be liked by everyone, even if that means changing who you are completely. I adore this post because it paints a picture in your mind of something most people tend to ignore.

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