Monday Mini-Rant: Minnesota Weather

Alright everyone if you’re reading this at the time of publication you may or may not be aware of our current state but we are in a winter storm warning until some time on Wednesday. I’m not going to focus on that but on the reactions of us good ole Minnesotans. If you’ve lived here for more than 2 months you know the weather can change at the drop of a hat so STOP POSTING ABOUT IT!! Yes, before you scream protests, I’m aware of the fact that I’m doing the exact thing I’m arguing against but consider this a public notice. We all know what snow looks like so don’t post a picture of it. We all have windows so don’t post “OMG IT’S SNOWING IN APRIL?!?!” statuses. We can all feel the temperature so don’t tell everyone how cold it is outside. We get it. We probably live within a half hour of you and we have enough common sense to recognize when the weather changes. Some of us have lived here all our lives. We know that in the morning you might have to use the heater and after classes or work you may be rocking the AC but that’s what I love about this state. Happy Monday everyone.


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