Monday Mini-Rant: Minnesota Weather Part 2

I really didn’t intend to write about the weather two weeks in a row but my previous entry was the second most viewed and hey if it ain’t broke, why shovel out the driveway? Wait, what? Ahh whatever. My first Monday Mini-Rant talked about the snow the was upon us and the lack of intelligence surrounding people’s reactions. Sound intrigued but missed it? I’ve got you covered: Last week at this time it was snowing like the end of the world. This week we have enough snow to fill Target Field, believe me, there are pictures. Mother Nature changes her mind more than I change my socks. And for you smartasses that’s every day. What worries me is the warm temperatures and the amount of rain we’re supposed to get.

Get your high water pants out and dust off your floaties folks, the waters are gonna be a-risin. Seriously a tsunami is upon us. Based on how quickly mother nature unleashes her fury upon us we may be swimming to our various duties instead of driving. I’m sure peoples reactions will be the same so I’ve just accepted it. Here, let me get it out of my system, just in case I’m tempted. “It’s raining!” “It’s snowing” It’s so nice out today!” “Is that hail?!” “Oh Minnesota weather, you so crazy!” Here’s to hoping I don’t have to talk about the freaking weather next week.


One thought on “Monday Mini-Rant: Minnesota Weather Part 2”

  1. There were a couple of quick witted jokes you could have made in your last paragraph of this rant. Let me point them out to you: “…we may be swimming to our various duties in our various duties…” (think about the gravity of the situation discussed) and instead of “‘Oh Minnesota weather, you so crazy'” the ever, currently popular “Go home Minnesota weather, you’re drunk”. Sharpen up.

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