Monday Mini-Rant: Violence and The Media

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving 3 hours to see my Mother on Mother’s Day. While flipping through the radio stations I came across a disturbing phrase. Mother’s Day Massacre. My hopes that this was a poorly conceived B-List horror movie were quickly dashed away while the newscaster described a scene in which a gunman in New Orleans fired 6 or 7 times into a crowded parade injuring as many as 17 people and placing at least 3 of them in critical condition. I listened to the rest of the newscast for the first time in years and there were 4 or 5 other stories. One of them didn’t involve violence. One appeared to have ended peacefully. A gunman was successfully taken down while the 3 children he had kidnapped were safely rescued. The ending  took a turn for the worst. The mother of the children and one of their siblings were discovered dead in the house. Preliminary reports stated that she had been killed as many as 2 weeks earlier. Totals for these stories? 4 dead. 3 permanently traumatized. Over 20 hospitalized and 3 in critical condition. Those are the facts, more or less, my numbers may be off a little but you get the gist of it. Ok, where to begin? No seriously, where do I even begin? Thankfully it was just a news update and not an “in depth” analysis of the causes of these tragedies. May have smashed something in my car or chucked something out the window and accidentally blinded a squirrel. I’m not sure if news reports just glorify this type of news or focus on it because it draws viewers. It could also be that this type of behavior is becoming more prominent and widespread. Either way, something needs to change. I’m sick of these mentally disturbed/angry/homicidal people being shoved in our faces and down our throats. I’m sick of avoiding news networks because I have no desire to be depressed every time I turn on the TV. Stop, there is enough to deal with in our own personal lives, we don’t need to be shotgunned with horrible news. Unfortunately, we’ve been so desensitized to all this violence that these are just numbers to us. I hate to say it but if the first words I heard on this station weren’t “Mother’s Day Massacre” I would have kept on flipping through. By the end my jaw was as far down as physically possible and every hope for humanity that I had was whisked out the window. Thankfully it was Mother’s Day and I got to see a good friend, eat a good meal, and spend time with a great family, my family. The drive back home was more optimistic. Heard some good music, had some positive thought trains, and resolved to listen when spoken to, think when it’s quiet, and speak when I have something important to say. Not to toot my own horn but more people should do the same.


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