Monday Mini-Rant: Billboard Music Awards

I originally had a completely different topic to talk about but I didn’t think this could wait. Last Night ABC aired the Billboard Music Awards. First of all, Nicki Minaj won best rap artist. Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure I could throw some pop bottles, coins, writing utensils, shoes, and nails into a dryer and come up with a better rap song than her. This woman doesn’t rap, she talks quickly and very unintelligibly. How in the world did this cross of a gremlin and an oompa loompa win an award? Now I’m not fond of rap in general but umm… Mackelmore anybody? Naw, maybe we should award the moron who typically has one set of lyrics in her “song.” Now my favorite part. Justin Bieber got booed!! Quite noticeably too. He won the first ever “Milestone Award” given to an artist for “musical ingenuity and innovation.” Ingenuity and innovation? None of the nominees exhibited these behaviors. While watching the footage I actually felt a little sorry for the guy, then reality set in and I realized it was Justin Bieber. Music awards and music in general have become a joke. Seriously? I’ll highlight some of the more absurd winners and who they beat. One Direction beat out Maroon 5, Fun, and Mumford and Sons for group/duo of the year. Umm… I’m on the first page of awards and already grateful I didn’t watch the show. Top Social artist? What kind of made up award is that? When did they give children the responsibility of writing this crap? You aren’t going to believe this. Mackelmore wasn’t even nominated for best rap artist. What? What the hell is top EDM artist? I think I need to read the dictionary or something. I need to try and reinvigorate some brain cells after reading that recap. I may never watch ABC or listen to the radio again. Maybe somebody should put together a real awards show. One that doesn’t glorify autotune and dubstep as the future of music. But then again, anyone who would watch a legitimate awards show has already given up hope for one.


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