Monday Mini-Rant: Retail Jokes

And we’re back! And by we I mean me of course. I know I said at the start of summer that I’d be posting more regularly but the world is a disappointing place. Deal with it. But never fear! I have returned. Now on to the business at hand. Retail jokes. If you’re asking yourself “Hasn’t he beat this horse to death yet?” the answer is no, I have not. People say write about what you know so that’s what I’m going to do. We can all appreciate a good laugh every now and then but some jokes you hear too much. “Hey did you hear the one about that crazy chicken and that road?” Yes. I did. No that item isn’t free just because it doesn’t have a price sticker on it. Yes that’s a lot of paper. You think you’re the first person to think of that? Uhh no. You aren’t. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that IN A DAY I’d be making more than what KMart pays me. And another thing. That $35 ink cartridge you found buried in the jeans is not $15. The sign says “Wranglers Jeans” and you’re a moron. We hear this crap all the time and we’re not amused by you’re shenanigans. Either sharpen up that “wit” of yours or stop trying to be funny.


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