Monday Mini-Rant: Women

Ok yes I realize how sexist this topic may seem but at least hear me out first. I have nothing against (most) women but this particular encounter is incredibly special. This situation fascinates me as a Psychology major and terrifies me as a man. One fine day at Kmart I witnessed something spectacular. A man and a women, a husband and wife if you will, were checking out. The wife asks the husband for his PIN number as she is using his debit card. Husband gives the PIN, wife enters the PIN. The cash back option pops up. “Honey, would you like any cash back?” says the wife. “No, I don’t need any.” Wife reaches towards the Pin Pad. “Oops, I hit $20 cash back, is that ok?” “Well I’d rather not,” says the husband. “Oh, well do you have any cash?” “No, I don’t. But I don’t need any either.” replies the husband calmly. “Oh, you always do this! You never have cash and you charge a $1.59 pop or some other stupid thing! Just take the $20 and be happy with it!” “Ok, I’m sorry.” replies the husband apologetically. Umm… anyone else see what just happened there? Wife screws up, husband tries to act diplomatically, wife get’s pissed and convinces the husband that he’s the one who messed up. What? WHAT?! There is no way I witnessed this. Did that seriously just happen? This makes me afraid of women a little bit. I’m hoping that this particular woman is part of a small percentage of the female gender. I know enough to realize that not all women are crazy, but I also know enough to realize that a small percentage are. Here’s to hoping I find one of the not crazy ones!


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