Monday Mini-Rant: Littering

Welcome back everybody and thanks for tuning in! Or checking in. Or whatever the proper term would be. Alright!! This week I’m going green, not out of some sense to save the world from global warming or preventing the deforestation of the Rainforest, those things are all good and well but I don’t feel like putting that much effort into something I don’t deeply care about. What I do care about is people who decide to empty the contents of their vehicles on the side of the road. Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve thrown my gum or sunflower seed shells out the window but this individual brought it to a whole new level. So one fine Sunday on my way back to Marshall I encounter about 10 napkins blowing about in the middle of the road. Umm… ok? Half a mile later, some styrofoam cups. Another half a mile? Pop cans. I see a vehicle in the distance so I speed up to investigate. Sure enough, more random garbage. A fast food bag, more napkins, Ok the vehicle is fairly new and is absolutely spotless, and I can tell because it’s white. I’m expecting some young punk with no respect for anyone, some douchebag with gelled hair and a V-neck. I get close enough to see the license plates? It reads “DOOTS.” A vanity plate only leads me to believe this prick is some teen with an ego the size of Rhode Island. The car starts to slow and goes into the right turn lane, I pass, and what do I see? A white woman probably in her 60’s. Uhh… so you’ve been trashing this road for some 40 years? Are you serious?! Ok gal, do you show this much disrespect in every other aspect of your life? Do you walk through other peoples homes with muddy boots? Do you sit on their kitchen table? I thought the younger generation was the only disrespectful generation but boy was I wrong. It may not seem like a big deal to you but it pisses me off. Take 30 seconds, through your trash in a plastic bag at home, and throw it in the dumpster. I’m glad you’re in the minority because if everyone acted like this I hate to even think of what our roads and communities would look like. Alright now that I’m done with that, I’d like to thank all of you for reading and tuning in whenever I find time to post. I’m grateful for all of your dedication and look forward to your continued support.


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