Monday Mini-Rant: Miley Cyrus

Welcome back ladies and gentleman! I’m not gonna lie, I had this whole entry planned out almost word for word. It was going to be about freshman. How easy it is to spot them. How paranoid they seem to be. How they successfully assimilate themselves into the college experience by at least the second semester. Then come along the VMA’s. Before you ask, no, I did not watch them and would never take time out of my day to view such a shallow awards show. I didn’t even realize they were on until my twitter feed blew up with tweets about Miley Cyrus. I realized long ago that she wasn’t that cute, adorable, likable girl that doubled as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Her haircut is more than enough evidence of that. This clip from the VGA’s though, oh my goodness. For the safety of my readers I will not link the video but if you’re still curious it is not difficult to find. I hope to high heaven that parents realize that this girl is no longer someone their kids should look up to. I’m just gonna say it, MTV should have cut off her performance BEFORE Robin Thicke even came out. I get it, sex sells, but I have a feeling there is less risque content on SKINEMAXE!! Anyone who tuned into this show and wasn’t disgusted is well… I don’t even know what they are. The fact that this level of indecency is on a channel that teens watch disturbs me to no end. I will be the last person to say that I’m perfect but at least I still have some degree of class coursing through my veins. Both sides of this performance were deplorable to  me. The dancing was unacceptable. The lyrics were unacceptable. Miley Cyrus says during one of her lines “we can screw who we want to.” Ok… WHAT?! I realize there are all types of “live and let live” types in the world but why the hell is this line in a top 10 song?! “We can love who we want to” “We can kiss who we want to” and these are just the vanilla lyrics, listen to these next ones. “And everyone in line in the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom.” If I’m not mistaken she’s singing about SNORTING COCAINE AT A PARTY!! Who the hell allows this on the radio?! I am so sick of non existent morals permeating every type of media we are exposed to. I honestly pray to God that this fad passes way before my children come into existence. If my offspring are ostracized because I try to raise them to look down on this type of behavior then I truly will have lost all faith in humanity.


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