Monday Mini-Rant: Role Models

Welcome back ladies and gentleman. My brain has been in full on writing mode for a while and Monday finally rolled around so I can scratch the itch. An abundance of topics have been bouncing around in my head all day. Miley Cyrus, The VMA’s, Low Standards, Lack of Morals, the list goes on and on. Then it hit me, square in the face. We have the wrong role models. The days of looking up to your parents or firefighters or your 8th grade Social Studies teacher have flown out the window and been replaced with YouTube views, shitty dance crazes and dollar signs. If you had told me 10 years ago that wholesome standards and expectations would be replaced by skinny white girls who can “twerk” and guys like Robin Thicke who put out music videos where he is surrounded by naked women I would have laughed in your face. Why? Because I grew up thinking that there were standards. I was under the impression that there were certain levels of modesty, of respect, of class, the list really could go on and on. Apparently I was wrong. Maybe I was young and naive and just a little too faithful in the rest of humanity. Or, maybe the systematic desensitization of the human race has led us to an existence in which nothing is true and everything is permitted. Assassin’s Creed anyone? What gets me is that this isn’t discussed. At all. Instead we talk about Jaden Smith (I’ll get to you Wednesday) and his lack of faith in the educational system and who Liam Hemsworth was seeing while still engaged to our beloved Ms. Cyrus. News channels report on which football player got into a bar fight while they throw the real issues in the inch thick repeating ticker at the bottom of the screen. “But Grant, what can I do? I’m just one person!” Honestly, I don’t know what one person can do and I don’t know if that one person can make a difference anyways. I am just sick and tired of everyone just accepting this reality as fact. I know there are still pockets of resistance but they are few and far between and they are relatively quiet. That’s it for today but do expect to hear from me on Wednesday as well. I know this entry isn’t as “Mini” as usual but thank you to everyone who has made it this far. You’ll be hearing from me soon.


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