Regular Entry 13: Jaden Smith and MSN’s Entertainment Section

Hello everyone. Welcome to my hobby. The weather is finally starting to turn south and by south I mean colder. Thankfully, but the weather is not what’s on the agenda this week. What is on the agenda is the wonderful son of one William Smith. Jaden Smith recently made his opinion of the education system known but we’ll get to that soon enough. The other topic is MSN’s above reproach Entertainment section of their website. Ladies and gentlemen buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Jaden Smith, star of the rebooted, and apparently one off, Karate Kid franchise and the co-star of After Earth and The Pursuit of Happyness (yes that’s how they actually spell it on the movie poster) is on his way to becoming a groundbreaking mover and shaker! And at only just 15!! Now I’m going to forego my better judgement and attribute these remarks to his relatively small amount of time spent on this planet but wait until you hear what he has to say about the education system. These were all tweets sent from Jaden Smith’s official Twitter account. “School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth”, “If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.” and finally “Everybody Get Off Your Phones And Go Do What You Actually Wanna Do.” Ok, so I like this kid 33% of the time. The get off your phone and do what you wanna do I can justify in certain situations. DO NOT read all situations. First off I’m just going to bypass the lack of understanding of how sentences and capitalization work because if you don’t understand that right off the bat you aren’t going to understand it after I explain it. So school is the tool brainwashing the youth? Have you tuned into MTV in the last decade? Actually Jaden, if I can call you by your first name (and I’m going to because you sure as hell haven’t earned the respect of me calling you “Mr. Smith”) you’ve probably been on it in the last decade. Oh my, so much ignorance. Next tweet. The if newborns could speak tweet. Ok first of all, depending on your definition of “speak” one could make an argument that they can. Do you know what they say Jaden? They say “goo goo ga ga” and they cry. Give that baby a Nobel Peace Prize because he just solved the energy crisis!! Sometimes I swear people can’t hear themselves talk. I’m not gonna lie I hate talking about these idiots but it’s what gets the views and until I have a substantial following I’m just gonna bite the bullet and write about what gets me exposure. With that being said, next topic! is always a wonderful source of ideas. All I have to do is take a peak at the entertainment section and the ideas just roll right in. This week it’s actually the second item on the ticker that got me interested. “Mother of Patrick Swayze dies.” Mmk… mother of a celeb dies and makes the news. Makes sense. Wait… “mother of?” Let’s think about that for a second… let’s consider the traditional obits. Do they typically read “Mother of John Smith passes away at 89?” Not that I can recall. Hold on I’ve got another question, “Mother of Patrick Swayze?” When is the last time he was relevant? Oh yeah, Dirty Dancing. Which happened before… I was.. born. So the guy hasn’t done anything for more than 23 years? And is writing a story about the guys mother passing away… hmm… Not to belittle or insult the deceased but… WHY?!?! Pretty sure the only reason this is a story is because of the word “Swayze.” Without that whoever suggested this story would be fired within seconds of suggesting it. So one name, irrelevant for more than 2 decades, is enough to get a story on the front page of a mildly successful website? Why? Oh because it’s “buzzworthy.” Granted I was viewing the entertainment section but if I clicked the news section we would probably still be talking about Jaden Smith.

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been alluding to a general theme as of late. I’m hammering out a project that, thus far, has been too ambitious for me to post. Don’t worry, I’ll get around to it but I don’t plan on putting something out until it’s perfected. So for now I’ll continue to talk about Jaden Smith and Mr. Swayze until I have perfected my first piece of… dialogue… and can tell you how I really feel. Until then, I bid you ado. Thank you for your time.


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