Regular Entry 16: 18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For Again

Before you worry about having to read 18 long, rambling paragraphs-let me first assure you that I will not be tackling the entirety of this list. I stumbled across this list that was posted by one of my High School English teachers and the list makes a lot of good points. Here’s the original post: I will be tackling #3: Thinking Before Responding and # 11: Spending Time With Kids. I encourage you all to check out the full list

Ok. #3: Thinking Before Responding. Here’s the author’s full entry. “Thinking before responding. We’ve become too conditioned to require things immediately. Someone asks a question, and we have to respond that second. Such was not the case before instant messaging and comment threads. A sign of true intelligence and confidence, I think, is someone who takes time to consider the question at hand in a little more depth, and then offers a response.” Now let’s not blow this outta proportion. Taking time to think about the appropriate response to “What’s my total?” isn’t exactly what I had in mind. The problem with taking time to do this is that opportunities to think before acting or speaking never present themselves anymore. No one cares about the deeper issues, all they care about is their routine. Wake up, go to work, run errands on Wednesdays and refuse to think outside the box every step of the way. When’s the last time you took a different route to work? Tried a new restaurant? Brought up a topic that other people might not agree with? When is the last time you broke the norm and tried something new? When is the last time you prompted a discussion that forced another party to think before they spoke? The weather, the price of gas, the local High School’s latest victory or defeat. These have become our default exchanges. They may have their place but come on, God gave you a brain for a reason and it wasn’t to discuss tomorrow’s chance of precipitation. Here’s an idea, the next time you think “this topic/latest current event/latest tragedy is really bothering me but I don’t know how the person across from me feels about it so I’m not going to say anything about it” SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! The reason real issues get brushed under the rug are because we are too afraid to go against the norm. We’re too afraid to have and voice an opinion that may upset others. The next time you see the chance to light a fire in a conversation, do it.

Alright it’s time for this post to get a little lighter. #11: Spending Time With Kids. The original author says: “Spending time with kids, and doing kid things with them. They just know what’s up.” They just know what’s up. This might be one of the most accurate things I have ever read. Somehow, without an explanation, this statement just… makes sense. Kid’s just get it. Playing with kids, heck just being around them, somehow makes everyone… happy. Working in retail I see tons and tons of screaming, whiny, entitled kids on a daily basis. Kids crying and throwing a fit because they didn’t get a lolly pop. This is why I’m glad I don’t live in retail. The kids I see, the children I enjoy being around, are completely different. When people mention children the first thing that comes to my mind are my nieces and nephews. The first thing I think of when I think of my nieces and nephews, is a pickup game of baseball during one random summer. They don’t know the rules, they don’t know what to do, and they don’t care. Neither do I. The only thing I recognize and remember from this game are their smiles. I somehow hurranged my siblings into “playing baseball” which was way out of their comfort zones, but they did it for their kids. I smiled and laughed, my siblings smiled and laughed, my nieces and nephews smiled and laughed. My point is this. No matter how cranky/crabby/whiny/entitled or seemingly selfish children seem to be at their worst; when they experience joy and happiness there is no better representation of true joy. When a child smiles, laughs, and has fun; there is no stronger positive emotion in existence. So when you see a kid crying, just remember, when they’re happy, any amount of sadness just disappears.

In conclusion: the list I posted has a lot of good things going for it. Out of the 18 things the author reported, there are a lot more than 2 that I have something to say about. That article may be the foundation for at least a few more of my regular entries; we’ll see how this one does. Just remember, those who are slow to speak and even slower to anger are the people I believe we should try to emulate. Thinking before speaking has a huge advantage over a quick reaction. Also, don’t forget that it’s hard to frown around smiling children. That’s all for this week. I’ve got a lot in store for the days and weeks to come… and I mean A LOT!! For now, thanks for reading what I’ve got to say. Thanks for commenting and suggesting new topics. You will hear from me soon.


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