Entry 17: The Burden of Proof and Atheism

As some of you may know I finally cracked and posted about God and Christianity yesterday. It certainly received more attention than I thought it would have. I shouldn’t have been surprised, once someone starts talking about God others are quick to join the discussion. Tonight I’d like to address 2 comments I received that I thought warranted more than a Facebook response. The first is where the “burden of proof” lies when talking about God or a creator. The second is when I carelessly used the words “arrogant” and “ignorant.” The context was slightly misunderstood and since it was a close friend that brought it up, and honestly, sounded quite offended, I thought I’d address it here.

First off, the burden of proof. When considering “truth” the farthest we can take this discussion is whether or not a creator exists. After that, the only arguments you can make are based on faith. So, does a creator exist? Look around you. Do you see anything that did not come from something else? When the “burden of proof” is brought up I think of one thing. Which side is making the most sensational claim? Creator vs. Coincidence. Most people’s gut instinct is to say Creator. Who in their right mind would think that there’s some unseeable, unrecognizable and unprovable thing that made everything? Some entity outside of our known realm of existence that made everything we see around us? Sounds pretty far-fetched if you really think about it. Hold on just a second though. Let’s consider the other side of the conversation for a second. Coincidence. Atheists believe that there is NO creator. Anywhere. at all. Hmm… let’s consider what that means. Atheists are saying there is absolutely no realm of existence in the universe, no single example of space or time where a creator could exist. None. Well, in order to claim that, and claim that it is irrefutable, someone would have to have complete knowledge of everything ever. Is that not a more sensational claim than to say a creator COULD exist? It’s “I don’t know everything and that leaves room for the existence of a creator” vs. “there is no realm of existence in which a creator exists or could exist because I have absolute knowledge of everything that shall ever exist. Ever” That last ever was just for dramatic effect. Which brings me to my next point. Atheism.

Atheism. The definition according to Merriam-Webster is “a disbelief in the existence of a deity.” For the sake of argument I’m going to address the phrenology of the word. Theism is the belief that one or more deities exist. Atheism translates to the belief that deities, in any form, do not exist. It excludes the existence of all deities. ALL deities. Atheists are essentially saying they have complete knowledge of the universe and that nowhere in the universe is an example of what might be considered an act of a deity. That sounds incredibly arrogant to me. To claim to have absolute knowledge of everything ever? Come on. The other side is that they just don’t care. Which is the ignorant side. Those who claim they’re atheists because they just don’t care about whether or not a deity exists are just as incorrect as the Atheists who seem to claim they know everything. If you’ve ever looked at something that was created, say a can of pop, and not recognized that it was created, you are ignorant. If you’ve ever seen something that exists and refused to believe that it came from something that existed before it, I question your intelligence. I challenge anyone to provide me with an example of something that exists that they can prove came from nothing. Give me one example of something that came from nothing. I dare you.

My post about God existing was meant to draw attention but it wasn’t meant to alienate people. I merely wanted to spur discussion about a topic that people previously thought they didn’t care about. Judging by the number of responses I’ve received in the last 24 hours it appears that people do still care about the existence of God. I encourage any feedback you have but I must say I’d prefer it in the form of a Facebook message. This would allow me to keep the different branches of debate separate and address each reaction without muddling them with other reactions. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Don’t worry, my inbox is prepared this time.


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