Entry 19: Pets and the Word of the Week

Welcome back ladies and gentleman! One of my resolutions this year was to post on a more regular basis. So far I’ve managed at least one a week and hopefully I’ll be in full swing shortly. This week I struggled with things to talk about so I asked my readers to prompt me with ideas. Some of you (2) responded. Thanks! Without you I probably wouldn’t have an entry today. Based on one of the suggestions I’ve decided to move my future posts to a different schedule. Thursday will now feature my dedicated, 2 topic, weekly post. Monday will continue to feature the Mini-Rant. “What about Wednesday?” you ask, and rightfully so. Next week will be the first official “Word of the Week Wednesday.” During this segment I will describe a word, and what that word means to me, without actually using it. I will then rely on your responses to determine what word comes to your mind. Hopefully by asking you to describe one word I’ll receive a larger degree of feedback that I can use as a catapult for other topics. This week I’ll give you a teaser and describe a word. All that I ask is that everyone who views that segment puts their guess at the word in the comments section, either here or on Facebook. I’ll post what word I had in mind on my Facebook page on Saturday. Alright! On to the meat and potatoes. (Jeez that was a long intro [I’m sorry])

Growing up I had numerous pets. Most of them I, unfortunately, neglected. I had dogs I didn’t train and goldfish I didn’t feed.  This leads me to one conclusion: I am not a very good pet owner. That being said, pets are something that are near and dear to the hearts of a lot of people. They can double as pest control, hunting partners, and even emotional support for those with mental issues. Cats eat mice, dogs retrieve ducks and penguins (yes people have pet penguins, and for the record, if I ever have a pet, that’s what I want) just freaking rock. Then there are these people.

Uhh… why is that dog wearing clothing? Pretty sure the only reason humans developed clothing was because we lacked fur… which… dogs already… have. Seriously? That’s just the first picture… the precious pups in pic’s 2 and 3 have… jewelry. Ok I’m not an expert in “bling” but I’m pretty sure the dog doesn’t give 2… something’s… about how shiny their collar is. First… people put clothes (an unnecessary burden given the presence of fur) and jewels around their necks and on their bodies. I don’t care if they’re diamonds or glass around that corgi’s neck… there is still a high chance that he will eat his own barf. Bedazzle that why don’t ya?

Alright! The first official “Word of the Week.” The idea here is that I’ll describe a word without actually using the word and you, as the reader, comment either here or on Facebook what your guess of the word might be. Also, for the one person who knows the first word, don’t spoil it for the rest please and thank you. 😀 Alright here we go. This word isn’t an exclusively human attribute, surprisingly. The prime example that comes to mind is the story of the dog in England whose owner passed away. The dog used to walk with his owner to the train station the owner used to commute to his job every day. The dog would then return home for a period of time. Nearing the time of his owner’s return, the dog would walk back to the station and await his owner’s arrival. After the owner passed away, the dog continued this ritual for quite some time. He didn’t go when his owner was supposed to leave because his owner wasn’t there to lead him but he would return around the time his owner should have arrived at the train station. “Why would the dog do this?” you may ask; because of the word I have in mind. Another example I can use, one that is more human, is when someone asks for “thoughts and prayers.” When you think about it, and I mean REALLY think about it, wouldn’t you rather have vaccines and surgeries before thoughts and prayers. Hear me out; vaccines, surgeries, pills, patches. These are all tangible things. Real things that exist in the world. When is the last time you saw a thought or a prayer? Thought bubbles exist in comics but in the real world thoughts are personal and outside of our own thoughts, we have no knowledge of what someone else is thinking. Yet this idea that positive thoughts and prayers can have a physical and realistic impact on what happens still persists. We have come to believe that positive thoughts and wishes of others can affect the real/physical world.  Why do we believe this? Why do we think that the intangibles of other’s can enhance our own place in life? The word I’m thinking of can answer that. There is one word that can explain this paragraph. Do you know what that word is?

Believe it or not I’ve just conceived a new weekly entry. Follow Up Friday. Friday will be the day I reveal what word I was thinking of on Wednesday and what my definition of that word is. So let’s see what we’ve got: Monday Mini-Rant, Word of the Week Wednesday, Weekly Entry Thursday, and Follow Up Friday. That’s a tall order to fill… stayed tuned, the schedule is subject to change. That being said, thank you to everyone who was able to trudge through my ramblings. I hope you enjoy the new segment and I look forward to hearing your reactions as to what word I had in mind. I appreciate any and all feedback. Anyone who has made it this far is awesome and deserves a high five. *HIGH FIVE*


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