Monday Mini-Rant: The “VS” Concept.

This entry may interest a tiny amount of my viewer’s but I’m going to post it anyways. Cats vs Dogs. Republicans vs Democrats. PS3 vs Xbox 360. Xbox One vs PS4. DC vs Marvel. Red vs Blue. Left handed vs right handed. Seriously, what’s with all of the controversy?!

What got me thinking about this was a video published by IGN. They blew something DC did with one of their premiere dates out of the water. DC announced that their (hopefully) blockbuster film Superman vs. Batman is now scheduled for a May 6, 2016 release. The same day Marvel has scheduled a release date for an as of yet unnamed film. 2 “experts” spent almost 10 minutes discussing how Marvel needs to change their game plan because no film that would fit into that slot would be able to “rival superman vs batman, and wouldn’t even be able to rival batman’s name alone.” They concluded that Marvel needs to change their previously mentioned release date because any movie they put out couldn’t possibly compete with DC’s biggest stars. My question is… how are they competing? I for one, as a comic book/superhero fan, would look forward to two major franchise releases more than I would look forward to Christmas. If Star Wars and Star Trek both had a major release on the same day, I’d go to both. If I didn’t die of EXCITEMENT BEFOREHAND!! Why has this “Us vs Them” mentality prevailed for so long. Who decided that competition was preferable to collaboration? Why are we expected to compete with people who don’t agree with us instead of trying to understand their point of view?  I would rather intelligently discuss topics with someone than try to “win” by being the loudest voice in the room. When did we start believing that stubbornness was preferable to compromise? Or did we simply never consider the alternative? I’m sure there are those who echo my point of view but until they start speaking out, nothing is going to change. People will continue to believe that their view of the world is the only one that is correct and that anyone who opposes them is wrong. That A is true and will always be true no matter how many people believe that A is wrong. People wonder what’s wrong with society? What’s wrong with society is that it views people of differing opinions as opponents. As someone who should be defeated. The human race isn’t divided by color or creed or geographic location. It’s divided by dogmatic views that refuse to even listen to what someone else has to say. It’s divided by stubbornness and an overwhelming urge to refute anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with a single group. The sooner we realize that cooperation and collaboration should be preferred over competition the sooner we can make actual progress. But what do I know? I’m just a college student.


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